Our Partners
We recognize that strong partnerships are critical to providing comprehensive, expert information consulting services. Technology is constantly evolving and needs are constantly changing. Our clients are working hard to do more with less. Strong partnerships compliment our solutions consulting practice and creates a valuable network that greatly extends our services. Below are a few of our valued partnerships:

Perkins Engineering Consultants
was founded in 2005 to provide specialty consulting services to municipal and industrial wastewater system owners and operators. The firm emphasizes responsive, personalized service and functions both as a consultant and a sub-consultant. Perkins Engineering Consultants, Inc. offers significant experience and expertise in Odor and Corrosion Management, Wastewater Facility Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation Assistance, Discharge and Environmental Permit Assistance, and Design Services.

Pierson Software
is a full-service software development company with emphasis on the utility industry. Pierson Software offers a wide range of programming services such as standalone or client/server applications, enterprise web-based applications, database design and development as well as data integration and automation services.

Professional Operations, Incorporated (PRO-OPS, Inc.) was established in the fall of 1992 with the specific goal of focusing knowledge and experience directly on the challenges faced by municipal and other utilities in operating their environmental facilities. PRO-OPS, Inc. is uniquely positioned to help a municipal or private utility with any of the challenges it faces, at any stage of its development and/or operations. PRO-OPS, Inc. is dedicated to the development of efficient, economical operations and management of systems and facilities through engineering and management consulting assistance and technical curriculum development and training.

McBride Engineering Solutions, Inc., founded in 2003, has over 100 years of combined professional experience,including program and project management, startup and commissioning assistance, detailed designs, construction services, engineering studies, operations assistance, and operability studies in the water and wastewater field. MES also has experience in managing alternative delivery projects such as design-build (DB), design-build-operate (DBO), and construction management at risk (CM@R).

PGriggs Graphic Design
is a full service design firm that prides itself on providing quality design services with outstanding customer service.
PGriggs Graphic Design specializes in:

¤Print and screen graphic design
¤Website design
¤Web-based application interface design
¤Macromedia Flash animation
¤Video production